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Public Documents

Bor, S., Nielsen, C., Higle-Ralbovsky, J., Song, I.S., Beese, E., Nguyen, D., Song, I., Spjut, E., Arehart, G.B. and Donelick, R., 18 May 2016, Mine overburden and mine waste as a renewable energy storage play. Geologial Society of America - Rocky Mountain Section Meeting, Abstracts with Programs, v. 48, no. 6, abstract, PowerPoint.

Donelick, R. and Donelick, M., 15 December 2016, Modeling the use of mine waste rock as a porous medium reservoir for compressed air energy storage. American Geophysical Union - Fall Meeting, San Francisco, abstract 191650, abstract, pdf of poster.



Donelick, R.A., Donelick, M.B., and Arehart, G.B., 2016, US Patent Pending, Big mass battery including manufactured pressure vessel for energy storage. WIPO WO/2016/154354. patent application.

Big Mass Battery: Engineering Challenges and Feasibility. Harvey Mudd College Engineering Clinic, 2015-2016, Sponsored by BiMBy Power Company, LLC, Ray Donelick and Greg Arehart, co-liaisons.

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The BiMBy Power Company team of student engineers and their advisors from Harvey Mudd College Engineering Clinic, gathered in a drag-line bucket at Rosebud Mine (active coal strip mine), Colstrip, MT (2 October 2015).