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Big Mass Battery: Engineering Challenges and Feasibility. Harvey Mudd College Engineering Clinic, 2015-2016, Sponsored by BiMBy Power Company, LLC, Ray Donelick and Greg Arehart, co-liaisons.

Proof-of-Concept BiMBy Device. On-going effort to build a Proof-of-Concept BiMBy device to test, refine, and prove the mathematical model of the BiMBy device that BPC has developed. That mathematical model indicates that materials needed to build safe, effective, and long-lasting (50-100+ years?) BiMBy devices may be had at most mine sites. Success with this project will be a working Proof-of-Concept BiMBy device and experimental data collected from operating the device.

Fairley, Jerry, unpublished manuscript dated October 17, 2016, Modeling pressure transients and the impacts of material properties on an in-situ compressed air energy storage system. 10 p.


Example Calculations

Rosebud Mine, Colstrip, MT - active coal strip mine

Berkeley Pit, Butte Copper Mine, Butte, MT - inactive open-pit metal mine

Yerington Pit, Anaconda Mine, Yerington, NV - inactive open-pit metal mine


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Waste rock on south side of Yerington Pit, Anaconda Mine (inactive open-pit metal mine), Yerington, NV looking southwest (R. Donelick, 28 April 2016).